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is knowing your hair's porosity actually important? | hair porosity 101: understanding the basics

We always talk about how important it is to keep our hair moisturized but — what is our hair's relationship with moisture really about? The answer lies in understanding hair porosity—the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the concept of hair porosity, its impact on your hair's health, and how identifying your porosity level can revolutionize your hair care routine.

best moisturizer for high porosity hair

porosity this, porosity that…WHAT IS IT?

Before we dive into the different porosity levels, let's grasp the basics. Your hair's porosity is determined by the structure of the cuticle layer, the outermost part of the hair shaft. The cuticles can either be tightly packed, moderately open, or fully raised, influencing how moisture interacts with your hair. You guessed it! These three types of hair porosity are categorized as low, medium, and high.

so…how do I figure out my hair porosity?

While many methods exist, we find that the best way to identify your hair's porosity level is simply by observing it on washday. Begin by shampooing your hair with an oil-free shampoo – this is super important! After conditioning or deep conditioning, take note of how long it takes to dry before styling.

Ask yourself these questions:

When I spray my hair with water…

Does the water bead up on my hair? If you said yes, you most likely have low porosity hair!

Does my hair soak up the water quickly? If yes, you’re probably a high porosity natural!

When I style my hair…

Does it take a while to really work a product in? If it does, you’re most likely a low porosity natural.

Do the products absorb quickly into my hair? If so, you probably have high porosity hair.

If you’re still not sure, you can take our porosity quiz or check out our hair porosity guide.

okay but…is knowing my porosity actually important?

Short answer, YES! Understanding your hair's porosity is the key to unlocking a successful hair care routine. Hair porosity significantly impacts how your hair absorbs and retains moisture, affecting overall hair health. By understanding your hair's porosity, you can tailor your hair care practices to meet its unique needs, resulting in healthier + more luxe hair!

Let's explore the characteristics and traits of each porosity level:

First up, the most common hair porosity: Low Porosity

Low porosity hair has tightly packed cuticles which makes it challenging for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. Because of its tight structure, low porosity hair favors lightweight oils + butters along with hydrating ingredients. This is why when you use products containing especially heavy oils + butters, your hair may resist product absorption. Don't worry, it’s not your hair’s fault! Luckily, we don't blame hair over here... we just provide solutions. Word around town is that our almond + tucuma buttercream works wonders for low porosity naturals...I'm just the messenger!

Little miss ‘balanced cuticles’: Medium Porosity

Medium porosity hair has a moderate ability to absorb and retain moisture due to its balanced cuticle structure. Because of this, a balance of lightweight + heavy oils/butters (or simply oils/butters that aren’t too heavy but not too light) is the perfect recipe for medium porosity hair. Speaking of the perfect recipe...check out our mango + macadamia buttercream. It's balanced just right for medium porosity naturals!

Moisture lives here...kinda: High Porosity

The fully raised cuticle of high porosity hair makes it so that moisture is easily absorbed but difficult to retain. We’ll get deep into the details later so stay tuned but for now, know this: high porosity hair prefers heavier oils + butters along with hydrating ingredients. Why? Because that moisture really needs to be locked in! The shea + hibiscus buttercream is perfect for high porosity naturals. You remember that moisture that really needed to be locked in? Yea... the buttercream took care of that.

So, we've covered the basics but we'll dive deeper in our upcoming posts! Join the #luxtribe to notified when the new posts are released.

Now before we leave, let me give you the bad news: using the wrong products for your hair's porosity may result in product buildup and lack of moisture… we don’t want that!

Be sure to check out our porosity specific buttercreams because your crown deserves effortless moisture! Need a nudge? Here's a discount code and before you ask, of course you may share it with friends. Use code: CEOLUXE at checkout when you finally feel deserving of the #luxeffect!

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