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the essentials: herbal infused scalp oil | is this the best oil for hair growth?

the essentials herbal infused scalp oil by afroluxeorganics. hair growth oil.

When it comes to scalp oils, we often think about hair growth. We ask ourselves "what is the best oil for hair growth?" Let's also focus on the health of our scalp!

A healthy scalp lays the foundation for beautiful and strong hair. Our herbal-infused scalp oil is carefully crafted to promote hair growth, soothe the scalp, and address various scalp concerns. Let's explore the key benefits of each ingredient and highlight the significance of scalp care, along with incorporating this oil into your hair care routine.

meet the herbs

cloves - stimulates blood flow to the scalp, aiding in nutrient delivery to hair follicles. It's also known for its antimicrobial properties and its ability to revitalize dormant hair follicles.

eucalyptus - invigorates the scalp, promoting hair growth and relieving scalp discomfort. Its refreshing aroma provides a spa-like experience during application.

peppermint - stimulates hair follicles, encouraging new hair growth. Its cooling sensation soothes scalp irritation and reduces itchiness.

rosemary - has antioxidant properties that protect the scalp from free radical damage. It strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair thinning and promoting hair growth.

calendula - calms inflammation and soothes sensitive scalps. It nourishes the scalp and encourages a healthy environment for hair growth.

stinging nettle leaf - helps combat dandruff and excessive oil production, promoting a healthy scalp environment for hair growth.

lavender - soothes the scalp and helps reduce stress, a common factor contributing to hair loss.

arnica - enhances blood circulation to the scalp, supporting the delivery of essential nutrients to hair follicles.

neem - has antibacterial properties, safeguarding the scalp from infections and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

now, let's talk about these oils...

safflower seed oil - rich in linoleic acid, nourishes the scalp, promotes a healthy environment for hair growth.

jojoba seed oil (yes, it's pronounced huh · how · buh) - closely mimics the natural sebum produced by the scalp, keeping it balanced and moisturized. This aids in reducing dryness and flakiness while supporting hair growth.

castor seed oil - a rich source of fatty acids, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair strands. It's also renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, combating scalp infections and dandruff.

sweet almond oil - rich in vitamins and proteins that nourish, soothe and revitalize the scalp.

evening primrose oil - a natural anti-inflammatory, easing scalp irritation and redness. It promotes a balanced scalp and supports the overall health of your hair.

Now that you've gotten the essential information you need, don't deprive your scalp of this magic any longer... this may be the best oil to promote hair growth + a healthy scalp!

Experience the #luxeffect through the transformative power of the essentials. With a perfect blend of carefully selected herbs and oils, enrich your scalp in the magic of luxe. It's always the right time to invest in healthy hair, use the code CEOLUXE at checkout and discover the luxe!

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