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her story


Hey babes, it’s Adé!

I’m a natural hair enthusiast, content creator and the founder of Afroluxe Organics.

Having kinky/coily hair myself, I’ve struggled in my haircare journey to love, appreciate, celebrate and properly care for my hair.

The lack of representation, support, accurate information and effective products

was extremely discouraging for my 13-year-old self.

This led to me resenting my hair for not being society’s accepted standard.

But, my perspective shifted when I realized two major things:

first, that there are quite a few things you should understand to properly care for your hair and second, that building a relationship with your hair plays a major role

in how you perceive and interact with it.

The relationship that I had with my hair at age 13 looked very different than it does today. With that being said, my haircare experience is a lot more pleasant

and I appreciate my hair on a deeper level at this point in my journey.

I've learned that I don't need to honor society's narrow standard for my hair, 

and it's not society's role to embrace my hair.

We owe it to ourselves to dig deeper into how we engage with our natural hair.

The journey can be a roller coaster, but I believe that every Black girl and woman deserves the opportunity to explore the relationship with her natural hair and build

a beautiful and luxe experience for herself!

hair profile

kinky/coily | medium porosity | high density

favorite product: mango + macadamia buttercream

favorite hairstyle: juicy twists or day 3 twistout

definition or volume?: VOLUME

best way to accessorize: with pearls!

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