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join the #luxtribe!

why you'll love it here

haircare is not linear; there are many factors that can affect our experiences.

we are here to help you navigate your relationship with your hair + tend to your haircare routine! 


community centered

we value the power of community, the beauty in shared stories and the collective strength that arises from them. 


the #luxeffect

we take pride in offering you a

luxe haircare experience. 

the #luxeffect is simply about allowing yourself to connect with your natural hair + indulge in a beautiful, pleasant experience.


resources + support

we're here for you, so throughout your hair journey, lean on us.

we're here to provide support whenever you need it

+ resources at your disposal!

need support? lean on us.

thanks for getting in touch,

support is on the way!

vanessa t.

"Having 4C hair, it's been hard to find a good cream that softens my hair without me having to coat it with product. The Shea and Hibiscus buttercream has exceeded my expectations!"

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