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hair porosity

your hair's ability to obtain + retain moisture


low porosity

the cuticles are tightly packed

+ very close together

this makes it harder for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft



- it takes a while for your hair to fully saturate during washday

- water beads up on your hair

- products tend to sit on top

of your hair 

- hair typically takes long to dry


medium porosity

the cuticles are neither

too close together nor too open

this allows for moisture to easily penetrate the hair shaft


- your hair doesn't take long to fully saturate during washday

- products absorb easily

into your hair

- your hair doesn't typically

take long to dry


high porosity

the cuticles tend to have

gaps or spaces between them

moisture quickly penetrates the hair shaft but is not retained


- your hair fully saturates quickly during washday

- products absorb quickly into your hair

- your hair dries quickly

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can my hair's porosity

yes, it can! certain factors, such as chemical treatments (like bleaching or perming), excessive heat styling, or prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions, can potentially alter your hair's porosity.

is it possible to mistake dirty hair for low porosity hair?

it's more like you can mistake improperly cleansed hair for low porosity hairas they can exhibit similar characteristics. low porosity hair has a tightly packed cuticle layer that can resist product absorption. when your hair is not properly cleansed, there is some blockage that makes it difficult for products to penetrate into the hair shaft.

it is possible to have varying porosities?

yes, it's possible to have varying porosities on different parts of your head or even individual strands of hair. 

this is typically due to exposure to different environmental factors, heat styling, or chemical treatments. 

what if i'm still not sure of my hair's porosity?

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need some assistance?

send us a message describing your hair's behavior as best as you can and we will help you figure out your hair's porosity!

message received!

we will get back with you shortly,

so be on the lookout.

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